With Coachella creeping closer and closer I thought I would bring back Music Mondays yo. My love for Vampire Weekend was renewed by the two singles they released this past week. "Step" and "Diane Young" are overall such marvelous songs and really demonstrate the innovative ways in which pop can be done. I seriously can't wait for their new album in May and their performance at Coachella.


Shadow People

(flower crown//DIY, dress//UO, leather vest//questionable, heels//Topshop, necklace//LF)
Shadow People-Dr. Dog
What is this you ask? An actual outfit post? I know it's crazy I finally got around to it. I'm stoked about going to Coachella next month so I'm feeling those music festival vibes right about now. This dress is amazingly comfortable and if it's not too hot (which I'm sure it will be) I'll most likely be dawning it. I DIYed this flower crown a few days ago. I'm considering selling some because they're so incredibly expensive everywhere else. Let me know if you're interested. 

Holla at ya gurl: http://lookbook.nu/look/4697463-Shadow-People


Dolce & Gabbana: You are perfection.

Holy shit Dolce & Gabbana. Could you possibly combine more of my favorite things into one line? I don't think they could have. It was Byzantine and Mod at the same time with gorgeous detailing and shapes. There were jeweled crowns and the shoes had these crazy medieval caged platforms with vines of roses across them. There was lace and huge collars and a serious lack of pants. It's safe to say that I am in love. This was definitely my favorite line so far this season.


Creatures of Comfort

I absolutely adored this collection. The variety of fabrics and textures were amazing and worked so well together along especially with the addition of the eye image. Although it was rather minimalistic in color palette and shape I thought the other aspects made it an innovative show.


Black and white adventuring

 Here are some of the black and white film photos from my trip that I was talking about.


I recently embarked on the most amazing trip to Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. We visited temples, pagodas, villages, street fairs, local markets, rode tuktuks, and did everything and anything you could possibly imagine. Safe to say it was one of the most culturally emerging trips I've been on and definitely one of the most memorable. If you're considering traveling to one of those places I'd definitely advocate it.
Obviously I brought my cameras and ended up taking over 2000 pictures. Here are some of them from my Leica, all film. Black and white to come.